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The Pioneer team, alongside our local partners have a fantastic knowledge of Madagascar, a passion for everything Malagasy and a real love of developing unique experiences in this wonderful country to ensure you have a holiday of a lifetime.

Whether you are a family looking for an adventure, a solo traveller wanting to join some like-minded individuals on an off the beaten track experience, or are looking for a more relaxing nature guided adventure - Pioneer Expeditions have a range of options which you can choose, many of which can be run with a minimum of 2 people, or let us design you ideal trip with our tailor-made service.

East Coast Rafting and Trekking Expedition
Madagascar Rafting and Trekking Holidays
Guaranteed Departures

This is a unique expedition and explores the little visited region in the North East of Madagascar. We will trek approximately 50km in 3 days through remote rainforest, camping overnight in clearings, before reaching the little rafted Sahatandra river, spending the next few days riding the rapids - with the an optional extension ending at the beach for a few days surfing

Price : full board from:-
ex flights:- GBP £1595 | USD $2450 | EUR €1850 | NZD
with flights from UK:- GBP £2450

Group Departures 2014 - 11th Sep; 31st Oct; 3rd Nov
Christmas Departure 2014 - 23rd Dec (includes 1 extra day in Perinet - extra cost applies)

Madagascar's Magnificent North
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Naturalist Guided Trip

Starting from the last highland forest, we’ll move through barren Tampoketsa to join the north west coast (and a canoe trip through the mangroves) before ending up in Diego. On this active trip, we will be able to explore a great line of National parks, and enjoy the unique and diverse environments and fauna accompanied by a naturalist guide.

Further information

Price : full board from:-
ex flights :- GBP £1750 | USD $2,685 | EUR €2,035 | NZD $3,385

with flights from UK:- GBP £2550

Group Departures 2014 - 15th May; 15th Sept;
Tailormade / Private Departures - May - Nov
Land of the lemurs Nature - Nature Guided: South West
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Tailormade Departures

This trip allows you to explore Southern Madagascar, taking in its most diverse environments at a comfortable pace. We will visit some of the best national parks, sites and arboretums, as well as some off the beaten track places, all accompanied by a naturalist guide to ensure you have the best chance of enjoying the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar.

Further information

Group Departure Price : full board from:-
ex flights :- GBP £1595 | USD $2450 | EUR €1850 | NZD $3095

with flights from UK:- GBP £2395

Group Departures 2014 - 10th Jun, 7th Oct, 20 Dec
Tailormade / Private Departures - Jan - Dec

Benahy Kayak & Rafting Descent
Behany Kayak and Rafting Descent
Guaranteed Departures

This expedition aims to achieve a rafting descent of the Benahy and the Onilahy rivers offering a fantastic opportunity to explore a remote area of Madagascar. We will follow the isolated Benahy river and wind down the Isalo canyons into the Onilahy river and continue all the way down through the delta to the coast.
Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1950 | USD $2995 | EUR €2275 | NZD $3775

Group Departures 2014 - 24th May
Tailormade / Private Departures - On request
North Coast Adventure
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Group & Tailormade Departures

An action packed expedition through the wild north west.  Starting from the red highlands, we move on through the wide open spaces and the green valley of Sambirano to the white sands of Diego Suarez.  Rafting, canoeing, biking, hiking the Tsingy, sleeping in tree huts, exploring the Ankarana caves, you’ll get plenty of excitement in this 2 week adventure.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £2295 | USD $3525 | EUR €2675 | NZD $4425

Group Departures 2014 - 25th July; 12th Sep
Tailormade / Private Departures - May - Nov
Southern Trekking Expedition
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Group & Tailormade Departures

From the towering cliffs of Andringitra and Tsaranoro to the deepest canyons of Isalo, this is a fantastic combination of the best mountainous areas of Madagascar. On foot and by canoe you’ll have a chance to encounter the locals who live in these isolated areas. At the end of the trip you’ll get a chance to relax on some of the finest beaches on the South West coast.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £2195 | USD $3375 | EUR €2550 | NZD $4250

Group Departures 2014 - 6th June
Tailormade / Private Departures - April - Dec
Eastern Climbing Trek
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Tailormade departures

Steep terrain, majestic mountains, dense forest, rockland and stunning waterfalls. We will also have a relaxing couple of days canoeing down the Mananjary river. This is an intense and diversified itinerary – a real trip to remember.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1495 | USD $2295 | EUR €1750 | NZD $2895
Group Departures 2014 - 3rd Oct
Tailormade / Private Departures - Sept - Jan
Lemurs, canals & mountains - Nature Guided: South East
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Tailormade Departures

On this trip we will explore an interesting combination of rivers, forests & mountains through very different landscapes, cultures, climates and biotopes. The itinerary provides a great chance to enjoy the natural highlights of the red island on foot, by canoe, train and by car.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1595 | USD $2450 | EUR €1850 | NZD $3950

Group Departures 2014 - 6th April, 31st Aug, 3rd Oct
Tailormade / Private Departures - Mar - Dec
Trails,tsingy and tree-houses - Family Adventure North
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Suitable For families

On this trip, we will explore the Northern area – on foot, by raft and by 4WD to get into the true soul of this unique and diverse country. We will camp, stay in huts on the beach, eco hotels and will even spend a couple of nights in a tree bungalow!

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1850 | USD $2775 | EUR €2095 | NZD $3475

Tailormade / Private Departures - May - Nov
Catta lemurs, canoes & camping - SE Family Adventure
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Suitable For families

This is a unique & exciting adventure which combines canoeing, forest and mountain trails, waterfalls and freshwater pools, camping and eco-lodges. As well as canoeing on the Mananjary river, and a unique train trip from Mankarana to Sahambavy, we will also get the chance to go rock scrambling in Andringitra. We will see some of the unique flora and fauna (on our visits to both Ranomafana National Park and Anja Reserve) on this thrilling & authentic trip suitable for the whole family.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1695 | USD $2595 | EUR €1975 | NZD $3285
Tailormade / Private Departures - Sep - Jan
Wildlife, wild country & whales - SW Family Adventure
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Suitable For families

This is a fantastic family adventure where we will explore the best that South Madagascar has to offer, from stunning national reserves where we’ll get the opportunity to see lemurs, chameleons and plenty of birdlife. We’ll visit small towns and communities where we’ll get a chance to experience real Malagasy life before ending up at Ifaty on the Indian Ocean with its clear waters, white sands and safe beaches.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1695 | USD $2895 | EUR €2195 | NZD $3650
Tailormade / Private Departures - March - Dec
Eco Adventure
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Tailormade Trip

An eco-tourism trip where we continue to offer you a great trip off the beaten path, whilst giving you the opportunity to compensate for your trip by actively participation in local reforestation /eco conservation projects. You have the option of the full eco-adventure or just adding on a couple of days to your itinerary to help out.

Further information

Price: full board, excludes international flights, from:-
GBP £1695 | USD $2595 | EUR €1975 | NZD $3275

Tailormade / Private Departures - Between Mar and Nov
Matsiatra Rafting Descent
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
Annual Expedition

This expedition aims to achieve a descent of the Matsiatra river. This is a remote
area of Madagascar which is still being explored and discovered. The Matsiatra
river is fairly inaccessible and rarely rafted, but it makes for a stunning whitewater adventure. We are just finalising the itinerary so please email us if you are interested.

Price from - £2095 (excluding international flights)
Tailormade Departures -
Kayaking and Trekking Adventure - Masoala Peninsula
Madagascar Adventure Holidays
~Unique Adventure

We explore this natural paradise over 10 days: kayaking the forested coastline and to deserted tropical islands, into pristine mangroves and shady rivers overhung by primary rainforest; snorkeling the coral reefs; swimming in warm tropical sea and crystal clear streams; beachcombing and exploring the rainforest for the unique wildlife

Price from - £1795 (excluding international and internal flights)
Group Departures 2014- 27th Oct 2014 ; 24th Nov 2014 ; 8th Dec 2014

Observing at close hand, from boats and on foot, the unique endemic flora and fauna
off the beaten track adventures
deserted beaches
great experiences that will never be forgotten

What our clients say

We had a truly wonderful time and loved Madagascar. The wildlife and scenery were breathtaking. Everything on the itinerary went smoothly and we were well looked after. we're all sad that the trip is over
-F. Szegota :Tailormade South, Sept 2013

Just a quick note to say very many thanks for arranging our trip last week to Madagascar - we had an amazing time. Everything worked well with connections and arrangements. The guides assigned were excellent - Apolinia's eyesight was just amazing and he spotted so many wonderful things. We really enjoyed the trekking and the camping, and overall the itinerary was a good mix and timings were perfect too. The boys are already asking when we can go back to Madagascar, so we may have to look into some family friendly itineraries in another part of the country next year. Thank you again for a great trip and all your help.
-Ryland Day Family: Tailormade North, Oct 2013

'Overall, the holiday was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. We expected the flora and fauna to be extraordinary but we didn't expect such a truly beautiful country, especially the central hill country. The people were friendlier and less hassley than we thought and they smiled and laughed a lot. Accommodation was generally better than hoped for and food much better (the lowlier the surroundings the better the food). Roads were even worse than we had hoped for though. We were so pleased at how all the planning we did between us really happened. We were often up at 5 or 6 am in order to see and do everything but it was so worthwhile and all the activities: driving, trekking, eating fois gras, kayaking in the rain, following lemurs through rainforests, swimming in natural pools, admiring paradise flycatchers to recall just a few of the adventures, were all exciting and amazing. Thank you for all your help in the preparations for this unforgettable expedition.
-H & R Bruno: Madagascar Tailormade, Oct 2013

Our Madagascan trip was excellent. I think your local partners and their knowledgable freelance guide really made the trip for us . The local company could not do enough for us and I would recommend them . Everything was extremely well organized .
-J. Cosker. Madagascar family Jul 2013

'We had a great holiday thank you! We really enjoyed the trip and the company of our guides. The team were fantastic and were completely dedicated to delivery the best service to us. The Alefa boat trip was a sensational experience - luxury with food that was out of this world!'
- J. Faulds - North Coast Adventure & Island Hopping May 2013

'Thank you for such a great holiday! I really enjoyed it and didn't want to come home. I was really impressed with the organisation of the trip, all the logistics that must go into it. and transporting all the equipment and us. The tents were comfortable and I wasn't expecting beds and pillows! Max and the porters were brilliant, they made sure we were always well looked after. He even gave us piggy back lifts over some of the river crossings! They all worked so hard and didn't complain. Nothing was too much for them. The lovely Max is such an excellent cook, I don't think we had the same meal twice while he was cooking which is very unusual for a vegetarian abroad. I am missing his cooking. I loved the lemurs! They were fantastic and we got to witness the Indri calling, I feel very privileged to have seen that. The reptile/butterfly place was amazing too, a great way to start the holiday. I really think Madagascar needs to be promoted so much more as a holiday destination, its such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly and helpful. I shall certainly be encouraging people to go there. You do such great work, I didn't realise the company was involved in reforestation, not sure if that is on your website but you should definitely promote it. Everyone was great out there and you can tell they are passionate about the environment and their country. I loved Madagascar and would definitely consider going back there, there is so much more to see. I felt I saw the real Madagascar too, not just the tourist bits but by walking through the villages and rafting the river you could get a real feel for the place and that's the kind of travel I prefer. I really hope you are able to get more tourists going there, they are missing out if they don't go. Thanks once again for an amazing adventure.
- K. Abbiss - East Coast Trekking & Rafting Oct 2012

We really enjoyed our trip. Madagascar is fascinating, we loved the parks and the wildlife, and our guides were excellent. The food provided (both by the guides and at the hotels) was of a very high standard, and we liked the mix of hotels - especially the tree house, which was our favourite!
- Langan/Spauls - North Coast Adventure Oct 2012

We had a wonderful time and the trip was everything we hoped it would be. Many thanks for all your help in putting it together.Our guide and driver were both brilliant too.
- Mapp family - tailormade Aug 2012

We wanted to let you know we had a fantastic Madagascar trip!! It was well organised and the local guides / driver were terrific!!
- Nagle/Daniels
North CoastAdventure, Nov 2011

We had a fantastic time and would definately recommend you. Thank-you very much
- Joy Family
Tailormade Adventure, 2011

This has been an amazing trip. We have really really loved it. The organisation was superb. The guides completely trustworthy. Food was superb and our safety was paramount when out and about. It is truly away from everything. Thank-you
- N Morton
Northern Adventure, 2011

A great experience all round but the most memorable part was the river experience. Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend
-R. Llewellin
Tailormade Nature, 2011

Fantastic holiday, many thanks for organising everything. The team were excellent, first class - great guiding from Max, he was perfect for our family
-R. Sawtell : Family Tailormade Trekking, 2011

It was an amazing holiday, everything I wanted it to be and more....Pioneer will be used again for future trips
-A.Stacy : East Coast Trekking and Rafting, 2009

Words cannot describe how amazing this trip....I absolutely loved the flexibility of the trip and how we were an integral part. I look forward to seeing our guide next year, maybe to do a different river
-J.Shields : Benahy Descent, 2009

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Responsible Travel

Everyone who travels to Madagascar with Pioneer are contributing towards a unique community reforestation effort run by Pioneer Expeditions. We fund a school tree nursery near Italavina. This is a long term project which aims to plant over 2000 trees every year, as well as provide fruit for the children in the local school. We invest 2% of every trip cost to help fund this and you can include a visit to this project as part of your Madagascan itinerary or even spend time 'volunteering' to help develop this project further. Click here for further information