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Canada Country Information

Canada is well known for its vast and rugged terrain. Pioneer have therefore teamed up with some wilderness and rafting professionals to provide some truly unique and off the beaten track adventures. We offer a range of trips in a variety of locations across the country such as British Colombia, Yukon and Quebec. Pioneer are able to design a Canadian itinerary to ensure a holiday of a lifetime. Although each trip is very distinctive, they each provide vast exposure to untouched wilderness and visually breath-taking rivers, just waiting to be explored.

Regional Information

The Magpie River flows through the heart of the expansive ‘Cote-Nord’ or North Shore region of Quebec. This zone follows the St-Lawrence from the Saguenay Fjord to Labrador. Along the rugged coastline, river after river – all wild Atlantic Salmon runs – bring freshwater to sea. These rich estuaries are feeding grounds for whales, seals, dolphins, and colonies of puffins. Inland, on the glaciated rock shield, vast stretches of Boreal forest extend into Quebec’s central mountains and to the tundra. This is one of the three biggest areas of intact forest in the world. It is home to common Canadian animals — black bear, moose, beaver, loons — and rare and endangered ones like lynx and woodland caribou.


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