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The Arctic has the landscapes like no other place on earth. Visiting this part of the world is one of the most unique experiences you can encounter – simply being on top of the world will be a trip to remember for a lifetime. Be one of the few people to visit this extraordinary part of the world with our polar experts, and get there in just 3 days from Spitsbergen, in Norway. Mix with scientists working at the polar station at the North Pole and consider additional options such as parachuting on to the North Pole, swimming in a pool of artic water, ice diving or take a ski and sled through an Arctic ice route. Whatever you do, this will be a true experience of a lifetime.

Greenland & Norway

About Greenland


Greenland is the world’s biggest noncontinental island. It has dozens of beautiful small villages scattered along its coast and has the world’s sparsest population. Its capital is Nuuk, where approximately 1/4 of Greenlands 60,000 population reside .

Politics & Security

Greenland was a colony of Denmark until 1953 when it became a consituency of Denmark along with the Faroe Islands. In 1979 Greenland home rule was established and it has become increasingly independent since this time.


The Greenlandic language is the main language in Greenland – this has an Eskimo-Aleutic origin. It is a bilingual country and the second language is Danish.


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