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When we first launched Pioneer (in 2006) our aim was to offer Pioneering one off extraordinary expeditions and this is still where our passion lies.  When creating new partnerships around the world, we have never looked to just copy other tour operators or make typical trips.  We are always looking for unique and individual trips, visiting areas that may be off the tourist tracks, getting out of our comfort zones.  Over the years we have developed our trips to suit the requirements of more of our clients, but we still have a passion for our signature trips – such as our San Jan River kayaking expedition in Nicaragua, or our Ghenghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia for those looking for an exclusive adventure like no other.

So if you are looking for something truly original, why don’t you check out our Signature Trips.  As with all Pioneer trips we care about the places we visit and communities within them, we work with small locally sourced operators and design trips to ensure they are sustainable.

Nicaragua Kayaking Adventure – San Juan River


This epic river adventure combines first class wilderness with rich history. Paddling from Lake Nicaragua, down the jungle lined San Juan River to Caribbean sea deserted beaches.


Mongolia Adventure Holiday – Genghis Khan Warrior Training


Experience you what it really felt like to be a warrior under the Great Khan and to discover the reasons that made the warriors such a powerful troup. Dressed in full costume and staying in felt gers.


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