PE Covid 19 Statement

A message to our clients from Laurenne Mansbridge, Pioneer Expeditions Director.

Here at Pioneer Expeditions we are continuing to prioritise the health and safety of you, our partners and local communities, as we provide a responsible return to travel post COVID-19. We understand you may have concerns about exploring the world during the uncertain crisis we are still facing. To achieve the safe travel and a peace of mind wanted, we are working closely with our partners and listening to all government guidance on travel. We can therefore confirm Pioneer Expeditions are operating trips, to all our destinations as planned, as long as:

  • Your departing country is permitting travel to desired destination.
  • Your desired destination country is permitting entry for travellers from departing country.

We do recommend that you get insurance cover as whilst we happy to provide you up-to-date information regarding any travel restrictions, it is your own responsibility to ensure you are eligible to travel which may include being fully vaccinated to return without quarantine restrictions. If at any moment you are required to self-isolate due to changes in travel allowance, Pioneer is not liable for any expenses for additional accommodation or travel. If there is any change in travel restriction while you’re on an expedition be assured that our partners will look after you, as our UK team organise to get you home safely as soon as possible. When the pandemic first hit, we got all of our clients back safely with no-one being stuck in any country.

We will not ask you to pay your final balance if your trip is not viable. If your trip becomes disrupted subsequent to paying your final balance, we will contact you and discuss the contingencies and alternative options available to you. As a fully bonded tour operator we follow a strict code of conduct which ensures your money is protected. Of course you reserve the right to cancel your booking at any point, as per our terms & conditions.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank all our existing clients who postponed their trips (multiple times) for both their understanding and support during these difficult times. You not only helped support Pioneer but all our local guides and support teams who depend on our clients for their livelihoods.

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