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When we first launched Pioneer (in 2006), we aimed to offer Pioneering one-off, extraordinary expeditions, which is still where our passion lies. As time and travel have evolved, we still embrace the spirit of adventure, and we still pride ourselves in unique trips. Over time, standards of transport and accommodation have improved the world over so we can offer such trips with added comfort and stylised luxury. Stylised because we tailor make your trip in the style you want it when you want it. Our responsible ethos has led us to discover some of the world’s leading eco-lodges- proving that luxury and ecotourism can work hand in hand. We develop our trips to suit the requirements of more of our clients, but we still love a quirky or unusual set agenda... Want to do something different? – our San Jan River kayaking expedition, Island survival trips in Panama and the Philippines, or our Ghenghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia for those looking for an exclusive adventure like no other – ideal with a group of friends!

Northern Tanzania In Style – Luxury Wildlife & Culture


From the lush foothills and coffee growing regions of Mount Kilimanjaro to the white sand beaches of


Nicaragua In Style – The Three Seas


Welcome to Nicaragua, surrounded in the east by the Caribbean Sea, in the west by the Pacific Ocean,


Costa Rica In Style

Costa Rica

Although small Costa Rica packs a real punch when it comes to luxury, sustainable lodges.


Guatemala & Belize In Style


Our journey starts in the shadow of the volcanoes in one of Central America’s most beautiful cities. Leaving the pastel colored houses


Belize & Guatemala In Style


Our journey starts in the shadow of the volcanoes in one of Central America’s most beautiful cities. Leaving the pastel colored houses


Costa Rica Northern Wildlife Exposure

Costa Rica

We’ve focussed this particular trip on a spectacular area of Costa Rica that takes you ‘off the beaten track’ yet captures some of the best wildlife areas and experiences


Mexico – Baja Adventure by Land and Sea


The breathtakingly beautiful peninsular of Baja California is a long strip of rugged cactus strewn desert and dramatic coastline sandwiched between the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean.


Mongolia Adventure Holiday – Genghis Khan Warrior Training


Experience you what it really felt like to be a warrior under the Great Khan and to discover the reasons that made the warriors such a powerful troup. Dressed in full costume and staying in felt gers.


Madagascar Luxury Honeymoon


This luxury honeymoon comprises 2 of Madagascar’s stunning and unique locations including a rainforest lodge in Masoala and a private waterfront villa on the exclusive Tsarabajina.


Luxury Colombia – A Country Of Contrasts


Travel through the most contrasting destinations in Colombia. Getting a taste of the Colombia’s diversity and breathtaking landscapes, through authentic and personalized experiences with local experts.


Malaysian Luxury Wildlife Holiday


This Borneo holiday focusses on the wildlife, rainforests and beaches of the Sabah region of Borneo, one of the best areas for seeing the great variety of Borneo’s fauna and flora. Staying in Borneo’s best lodges.


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