Philip Beale

Philip Beale

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Philip Beale, Director


Philip has been passionate about adventure travel since his early school days which culminated in him winning a place on Operation Drake at 17 to visit Fiji and Papua New Guinea. He then read Politics at Hull University and joined the Royal Navy to pursue his interest in maritime exploration. He is a keen adventurer and traveller with has a special interest in pioneering historic “Kon Tiki” type expeditions.

In 2003/04 Philip organised and led the building of a replica ancient Indonesian ship and sailing it across the Indian Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope to West Africa. This project, known as the Borobudur Ship Expedition ( was successfully directed & completed in March 2004 and Philip was awarded a state medal for Services to Indonesian Culture by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Philip is our Indonesia expert.

Philip is soon to undergo an Atlantic adventure aiming to prove that the Phoenicians reached the Americas long before Christopher Columbus. More details can be found here:

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