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Rafe Stone

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Rafe Stone, Product Manager


When the `backpacker trail’ saw many a young adventurer head to Australia via Thailand in the early nineties Rafe decided to start as he meant to go on – `getting off the beaten track! He headed to Latin America inspired by the likes of Papillon (post prison of course!) and the black and white photos of Mo Fini ( founder of Tumi).  It wasn’t too long after returning from his first trip in 1991 that Rafe turned his passion for the continent into a vocation and later spent 14 years as a product manager for Central America within a specialist in the region.

Although passionate about Latin America Rafe’s quest for untamed travel have led him to the Karakorum Mountain range  in Pakistan, partaking in tribal rituals in the Northern Philippines and to trekking in the outer most reaches of Georgia.

Sustainable travel development is another passion of Rafe’s having won an industry award in 2019 for a team he headed on a project in Guatemala. Working with the right people who do the right things and listening to local advice is his basic ethos as a product manager.

Now Rafe lives in North Devon with his wife and two sons. They all love `getting off the beaten track’ now- discovering hidden coves and unspoilt beaches or swimming in rivers in the heart of Exmoor.

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