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We closed our eyes and thought of Argentina!  We know it but we tried not to be distracted by that when thinking about offering a trip that would encompass the best of the country. There are so many wonderful lodges and hotels that we wanted to show the best of those off too. You will travel ‘in style’ with our expert drivers and guides on a tailor made trip where you can just watch or participate in probably the world’s most romantic dance- The Tango!

Cool off from the spray of the awe inspiring Iguassu falls. Salta and the Calchiqui Valleys allow you to explore the wine regions and multi coloured rock formations that dominate this area. By stark contrast the glacial south highlights just how important the vast plains of melting ice are to us and our planet. Gauchos, rancheros and asados (Argentinian grill) are just another facet to this beautiful country at the bottom of the globe!

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Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, with an approximate 200-km2-surface and over 3' million inhabitants, is among the largest cities in the World. This great metropolis stands out as the most elegant and European city in South America, combining antique buildings and modern constructions, exclusive shops, a unique nightlife and a wide range of cultural events all the year round. But Buenos Aires is not only that, it also offers interesting places where to enjoy yourself, such as La Boca, Palermo, Recoleta and Puerto Madero, among others. Tango can be felt in its traditional form as well as among the youngsters, who keep it olive by dancing its music in special places and listening to its lyrics sung by Carlos Gardel, the most popular tango singer. Magnificent shows with outstanding dancers and a live orchestra bring the tango passion to citizens of the world. Within a few kilometers from the city historic ranchos and small towns warmly welcome visitors with their charming and well-kept "gaucho" traditions.


This tour portrays the many faces of Buenos Aires: we will visit the symbol of our city, the Obelisk, squares such as Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martin and Plaza Alvear; Avenida De Mayo, Corrientes and 9 de Julio among other avenues; La Boca and San Telmo, historic neighborhoods, the magnificent Palermo and Recoleta areas and modern neighborhoods like Puerto Madero; Lezama Park and Tres de Febrero (Palermo) and the commercial and financial areas of the city.



Enjoy an unforgettable time at one of the Tango shows that Buenos Aires offers every night with the classic orchestras that revive the original styles with melancholic rhythms. Typical food, served with the best wines, excellent service and atmosphere may enhance the show. The impressive words, showing the most authentic poetry of the city, are interpreted by the most outstanding singers. The show features many professional artists: first rate musicians, dancers and singers join to offer an unforgettable show.


Rojo Tango is located in the exclusive and impressive Faena Hotel; it is a fascinating proposal to captivate all your senses by combining sounds, scents, colors, movement and flavors. Love, passion, madness and glamour in a story that ends up becoming a legend. Sensuality is displayed in this intimate encounter to convey the unique and irresistible essence of the cabaret tango. Wrapped up in red velvet, Argentina’s top tango dancers and musicians –accompanied by international, premium gastronomy– will present the audience with a unique enjoyment.

POLO DAY (private)

Located only 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires city, Polo Day is an ideal program to learn the secrets of one of the most exclusive sports in Argentina. Tour begins with an informative talk about polo and its horses, while guests taste some delicious empanadas and a good argentine wine. Then will attend a professional live polo game with 4 chukkers, using more than 30 horses; bilingual guides will explain the fundamentals of the game, its rules and techniques. At lunch time, guests will enjoy an unforgettable barbeque "asado" With a selection of argentine meat, accompanied with argentine wines (vegetarian option available). After spending a few hours of relax at the swimming pool or walking through the nice argentine countryside, visitors will take a polo lesson were they will learn to ride a horse, hold the polo taco and kick the ball. Day finishes sharing a mini polo game that will make guest feel like a professional player!

Transfer (private) from your ACCOMMODATION to AIRPORT (AEROPARQUE)


Iguazú National Park is located in the northwest of the province of Misiones, at 11 miles from Puerto Iguazú. Its preserved ecosystem belongs to the Paraná Jungle eco region that covers almost all the provincial territory. The natural treasure being hosted are the Iguazú Waterfalls: 275 waterfalls that reach an altitude of almost 260 feet. They were declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the World and, also, Mankind Natural Heritage. The visit to Iguazú National Park requires, at least, a complete day. Among the recreational proposals, it is worth mentioning: the Yvirá Retá Interpretation Centre, the Lower Walk (4,600 ft of walkways with stairs), the Upper Walk (4,200 ft of walkways without stairs), the crossing to San Martín Island and Macuco and Yacaratiá Pathways. There are alternative tours to discover the Park and get close to the Waterfalls by means of full of adrenaline activities. One of the newest proposals consists in enjoying the Waterfalls under the moonlight, during full moon clear nights. Visitors only need to go to the Park at sunset, take the little train that crosses the jungle and get into the dark. The silence is only interrupted by the sounds of night animals: a new world awakes at the depth of the jungle.



The gigantic power of its massive water falls constantly roaring in a huge moisting cloud and painting the horizon with mellow rainbows, is one of the most magnificent natural spectacle on earth, which makes us realize how tiny we are in front of its force. For those seeking for adventure, a concrete platform allows breathtaking views from inside the falls. Among the various local tours, the Macuco Safari and a visit to the Bird's Park are strongly recommended. The Brazilian side of the Falls: guests may get to the marvelous Brazilian falls by walking through the wooden footbridges elevated over the river. Take photographs of the breathtaking panoramic views from the observation deck. A 40 minutes walk to admire the series of astonishing cascades up to the foot of "Floriano Fall". At the end of the path, an elevator brings visitors up.



Visit to Argentinean side of the Iguazú Falls, located within Iguazú National Park. With 67.000 hs, they are made up of 275 falls thundering down from a 70-meter average height. In this section of the rainforest, we can find a huge variety of ferns, orchids, begonias, birds and butterflies. We are on our way to Estación Central, where we will take a train to Estación Cataratas and/or Estación Garganta del Diablo. From this site, we can choose:


  • Upper Circuit: 800 mts trail raised above the ground surface, so as not, to block or scare away local fauna as they go by. Highlights: Dos Hermanas, Bosetti, Bernabé Méndez, and M’Bigua waterfalls. Timerequired for this ride: 1 h. Difficulty range: low, no stairs
  • - Lower Circuit: 1.600 mts trail walk above the ground surface. Highlights: Dos Hermanas, Alvar Nuñez, San Martín, Bosetti and Peñon of Bella Vista waterfalls (from Peñon we get a view of Garganta del Diablo -Devil’s Throat- and Cañón del Rio Iguazú inferior). Time required for this ride: 2 hs. Difficulty range: moderate, with stairs.
  • Garganta del Diablo: departing from Estación Cataratas, the train takes us to Estación Garganta. The walk along the footbridges demands 1200 mts to delight us with the spectacular balcony of the most important waterfall of the National Park: Garganta del Diablo. Time required for this ride: 2 hs. Difficulty range: low, no stairs.



The Great Adventure offers an exciting experience within the Iguazú National Park and in Lower Iguazú River. It is divided into 2 parts: firstly, the sailing on the semi-rigid boats to reach San Martin, Bosetty, Tres Mosqueteros and Cañon de Garganta del Diablo falls and down the river rapids up to Puerto Macuco (3 kms from the Waterfalls); secondly, an 8 km ride in a special truck along the rainforest, observing the local flora and fauna with the aid of specialized guides. Feel and experience the Waterfalls in this tour!


Iguaçú National Park (on the Brazilian side) is 185.000 hectares long.


As we get to the Visitor Center we cross the Gates individually to check the loading capacity of the Park.


We immediately get into the buses that tour along within the park and take us to the 1200 trail over the Iguazú River.


At this point, we get a panoramic view of the Argentinean falls, ideal to take pictures.


As we go on, we can see Río Iguazú Canyon, Salto Rivadavia and Tres Mosqueteros. Towards the end of the tour, we will get to Devil’s Throat lower viewpoint 200m away. This beautiful scenery is enhanced by permanent rainbows.


The tour ends at Salto Floriano where an elevator takes us to the bus parking. The other option is to walk the path and up the stairs to the meeting point.


Salta is a beautiful active city, of a well preserved colonial style, hosting folk parties, the High Mountain Museum (where tourists are told about the famous expedition that found the mummified Inca children at Llulliallaco volcano) and the new gastronomic circuits for those loving the Creole and Andean cuisine. Visitors should not miss either the culture of the Salta's Gaucho, its estancias (cattle farms), its extremely beautiful national parks or the Calchaquíes Valleys (Cachi, Molinos, Seclantás or Cafayate, the latter being the local reference for the Wine Route) framed by gorges of mysterious shapes and colors perpetrated in the infinite. This region is acknowledged by the defined characteristics of their highland wines, born among the highest vineyards in the world (1.700 to 3.000 meters above sea level). Wineries, Andean gastronomy, boutique lodging and wine therapy are good reasons for not missing a trip to Salta.


Day 1: departure from Salta city towards south, through Route 68 along Lerma Valley whose points of interest are Chicoana, Quebrada del Escoipe, Cuesta del Obispo (road with abundant curves), Piedra del Molino (highest point of the route at 3384 m.s.), Los Cardones National Park and Tin-Tin straight. Arrival to Cachi at lunch time. The trip continues down Route 40 to admire mountainous landscapes with towns of great enchantment. Bordering the Calchaquí River, we can observe historical towns such as Seclantas, Molinos, Angastaco, San Carlos and Animana. By the end of the afternoon we arrive to Cafayate. Overnight.


Day 2: we visit some wineries; after lunch we return to Salta through Quebrada de las Conchas (Shells’ ravine) visiting the peculiar rock formations caused by rain and wind, such as The Amphitheatre or The Devil´s Throat. We arrive to Salta after crossing the Lerma Valley.


Cafayate –at the heart of Salta’s Calchaquí Valleys- is the land of Altitude Wines. Here, grapes mature slowly and wisely, under the attentive supervision of the winemakers, necessary condition for the production of high quality wines. Around this activity, life goes on quietly and favoring the encounter of locals with tourists. In front of the central square, craftmen offer their pottery and silver works, knitted fabrics and the typical ponchos. Guitars are the stars at festivals –Cafayate’s Serenade is very beautiful in summer- while cooks prepare typical dishes (nobody should leave without having tasted empanadas). In the suburbs, the hills offer panoramic views of the valley, the rivers hide surprising cascades and time continues eroding the rocks. Cafayate is accessible, from Salta, by National Route 68


The excursion is a tour by two wineries of Cafayate that are positioned as ones of the best of the Calchaqui Valley. These could be San Pedro de Yacochuya & Piattelli Vineyards on the west and El Esteco & El Porvenir de los Andes on the east. The tour could not be complete if we do not visit the Museum of the Grapevine and Wine. In each winery we do a tour by the facilities and a tasting of the best wine produced in the winery. The tour and the tasting are guided by a sommelier that explains the particularities of the wine, the vine and cellar as well.


The excursion reaches Quebrada de las Conchas, a canyon, where wind and water erosion carved, throughout the centuries, curious shapes on the rocks. We can see diverse geological formations and an amazing landscape. There are stops to see the most important formations like Devil’s throat, The Amphitheater, The Obelisk, The Toad, The Castles, among others; there are walking between these formations.


The trip begins in Salta towards the Tastil Ruins arriving to San Antonio de los Cobres, after a two hours stop for lunch (OPTIONAL) and a short visit the town. We continue our trip along Route 40 crossing one of the most desert areas of our country. Soon, and already in the province of Jujuy, we arrive to Salinas Grandes (The Great Salt Flat), where the immensity of the area, the white shiny salt invites you to relax and take good shots. We continue down the Lipán Cliff arriving to Purmamarca: it is one of the typical towns of Humahuaca Gorge, it has the Seven Colors Hill and the small houses enchant. We return to Salta.



Purmamarca is a small prehispanic XVII century village located at 2192 masl. Purmamarca -meaning Town of the Virgin Land in Aimara language- is settled at the foot of the polychromatic Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven Colors Hill) which provides the village with the ideal contrast since it delights the senses. The village, with adobe buildings of cardon roofs and mud tiles, was designed around the Main Church from 1648 consecrated as St. Rosa de Lima which has currently been proffessed as National Monument since it has a particular architecture as well as valuable paintings and images from Cuzco inside. In the Square there is a permanent crafts fair where you can get regional products such as pottery, carpets made with looms, ponchos, musical instruments and typical clothes from the Quebrada (Narrow path). See tour descriptions in TILCARA.

HUMAHUACA (private)

The journey leaves from Salta, but really begins once arrived to Purmamarca Village where time will be enough to observe the Seven Colored Hill, the Church and the Craft Market on the square, and a small walk along its narrow streets. We continue towards the town of Tilcara where we visit the Pucará (ancient ruins), the Archaeological Museum, and Huacalera, and then we cross the Capricorn Tropic, from where the colors of La Pollera del Coya Hill can be seen and really good pictures taken because of the daylight. We visit Uquía and its church, where the paintings of the Arcabuceros Angels (important vestige in the zone of the Cuzqueña School) are kept. Arrival to Humahuaca will be at noon, this town has an important Church and the Independence Monument (the Indian) of the sculptor Soto Avendaño. After lunch (not included) we’ll observe, from the route, La Paleta del Pintor (Paintor's palette) framing the town of Maimara. Return to  Salta.

Transfer (private) from your ACCOMMODATION to your ACCOMMODATION




Transfer (private) from AIRPORT (AEROPUERTO FTE) to your ACCOMMODATION.


Perito Moreno Glacier -declared World Heritageby by UNESCO- is located 80 km away from El Calafat, and it is undoubtedly one of the most incredible spectacles of nature that surprises with its impressive calvings. After taking Route 11 along the south shore of Argentino Lake, we reach the Peninsula de Magallanes where we go on along the Rico Arm of the lake up to the first lookout called “Curva de los Suspiros” (Bend of Sighs), where we see the Glacier for the first time. A well deserved photo stop! Then we go on to the Port “Bajo La Sombra”, where those interested can take a one hour optional boat ride to get closer to the south face of the Glacier. Afterwards we drive the last 7 km to arrive at the walkways, from where we can enjoy different views and perspectives from the surface, front and both sides of the Glacier. Here you'll have enough time to walk around the 5 km of the different trails (green, red, yellow and blue) to enjoy not only the Glacier but also the native vegetation and wildlife. The main circuit is also accessible for wheelchairs. We return to the hotel in the afternoon.




Located at the far end of the Cristina Channel on the northwest coast of Lake Argentino, Estancia Cristina stands on a remote corner of the “Los Glaciares” National Park. Accessible only by boat it stands on an exclusive and privileged setting in the Argentine Patagonia. Stay long enough in this southern corner of Earth to experience a mesmerizing and uncrowded destination of sheer natural beauty. 20 Rooms distributed in 5 Casas with the same architecture and comfort surrounding the main lodge. Their names reveal more about the context: Montaña, Estepa, Bosque, Río and Familia. Each one features four private suite rooms with a bow window and the chance to connect with the natural strength of a breathtaking view. In their warm interior, a cozy living room with wooden floors awaits after a day full of adventures.


Having set sail from Punta Bandera harbor at 9 AM, we will glide over the waters of Lake Argentino’s Northern Arm to reach the furthest possible point of navigation in the Upsala Channel, where we can enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Upsala Glacier’s immense front. Then, having disembarked at the shores close to Estancia Cristina, the Discovery group are welcomed by our specialized driverguides who will help them into their 4×4 vehicles, ready to head off into the wilderness. Our sturdy 4WDs will then venture up into the Feruglio Mountains, a 9.5km ride which offers great views of our surroundings and takes us ultimately to an elevated area where the cars will be parked. Once there, we’ll begin a 20-minute trek over terrain characterized by glacial erosion, until reaching the Upsala Glacier Lookout; an exclusive vantage point for visitors to appreciate this immense glacier that can only be accessed from Estancia Cristina. There will be plenty of time here to enjoy views of Lake Guillermo and the eastern side of the Upsala Glacier, as well as the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Afterwards, the groups will head back to the lodge in our 4×4 vehicles, for a well-deserved rest and break for lunch (approx. 1 hour). Later on, having returned from the trek, we will visit the Costumbrista Museum, housed in the estancia’s old shearing shed where guests can learn all about the history of the Masters family: their lives, adventures and how they became pioneers in Patagonia. Finally, a guided tour will take visitors around Estancia Cristina’s estate – up to the Caterina River, the waterwheel, chapel and the rest of the lodge.


NOTE: if the maximum number of passengers is exceeded, visitors will be divided in turns by the tour coordinator of the Estancia.




HORSERIDE (private)









Ideally located only 120 km from Buenos Aires and close to San Antonio de Areco in the heart of the Pampa, one of the oldest estancias in Argentina, recently renovated with great care as a boutique hotel, successfully combines luxurious comfort and colonial elegance.The feeling of being welcomed into a private home, into a property steeped in history and tradition makes this hotel a special and timeless place for relaxation. Exquisite cuisine, refined service, gaucho traditions and equestrian sports add to the unique magic of La Bamba.

Transfer (private) from TOUR (ESTANCIA LA BAMBA) to AIRPORT (EZEIZA).


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We have just returned from a 18 night trip to Argentina, visiting Buenos Aries, Salta, Iguazu, Patagonia. We have had the most amazing time, visiting four very different areas. The falls at Iguazu was a particular highlight, staying at the Belmond Du Cataratas on the national park, was a real treat ... we took a boat trip up and close to the waterfalls and then a helicopter view which was breath taking. The sheer size and volume of water is unbelievable, coupled with the tropical climate and chatter or birds and butterflies everywhere! The glaciers at Patagonia were another amazing sight, again you can't believe the size of them, and Calafate was a great town with fabulous restaurants and of course wine! We did 3 nights in Buenos Aries but could have done more. La Boca was such a cool place to visit, and we spent our last night at Estancia La Bamba de Arreco which was the most fabulous hotel, I wished we had stayed another night. All the hotels, guides, staff, drivers were all so helpful and efficient, it was a perfectly tailored trip that absolutely covered all our needs and much more. All the extra's that are included from boat trips to wine tours and adventures that fill your days and nights are what make Pioneer so great. Thoroughly recommend this company.



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