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Luxury Wildlife & Culture

From the lush foothills and coffee growing regions of Mount Kilimanjaro to the white sand beaches of Zanzibar. We have packed the itinerary with excursions and optional excursions allowing you the chance to view this stunning part of Africa how you want to. We’ve designed a journey that has a good balance of culture and wildlife without being contrived and always with a view to offering something different. One thing that doesn’t change is the high standard of lodging and guiding throughout.  Nights in Tanzania are magical with millions of stars above pitch black savannah so we make sure you also get experience the nocturnal side of life here too.

Price £13,975 / $16,770

Based on 2 pax.

Optional: Show Zanzibar £2,700 / $3,240

Excluding international flights


Tailormade Departures


Day by Day

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport where you will be met by a representative from Pioneer Expedition, who will transfer you to Moshi for a half board stay to the beautiful Kilimanjaro Coffee Lodge, located on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, on an organic coffee estate with a gorgeous view of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Spend this day at leisure, with half board overnight stay at Kilimanjaro Coffee Lodge. Rest and relax at the lodge, enjoying its gorgeous surroundings and its enticing pool and serene spa. You can enjoy your evening relaxing around the bonfire for a sundowner whilst you watch Kilimanjaro fade away as darkness falls.


ADDITIONAL EXTRA OPTION: Add in either of these 2 additional activities: (Enquire for Price)

  1. Take a guided coffee and tea experience on Machare coffee Estate’s organic coffee plantation. You will walk through part of the plantation and learn about the process of coffee growing, from when the seed is sown till when the coffee is harvested. An added bonus is to also walk through the plantation’s organic tea farm, a one of its kind in Tanzania. Watch pickers as they harvest perfectly ripe coffee cherries and green tea leaves. Next, head to the plantation’s factory to view how coffee and tea is processed, ready for exportation. Finally, finish off by tasting their unique cup profiles in a personal cupping session.
  2. A guided nature and cultural walk around Machare Coffee Estate will take you through the natural forest and bush that is virtually untouched, giving you insight into the biodiversity and wildlife on the estate. You will get to see and interact in indigenous village life, giving you an opportunity to understand what life is like on the slopes of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Finish off by heading to the river at the edge of the estate flowing with cold and fresh water from the mountain. Here you will get time to relax on the boulders and dip your feet in the ice cold water.

09h00 You will be picked up by your transfer driver who will drive you across to Uru, a small village 5577ft/1,700m asl on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, approximately 30 minutes and 10km/ 6mi away from the lodge. From here you can get fantastic views of the mountain, weather permitting. You will be hosted by the local coffee co-operative and undertake a 3-hour guided coffee tour, which aims to put consumers in touch with the producers and gives insight into Chagga village life on the slopes of the mountain. Find out about how coffee is sown, grown, harvested, and roasted. Meet local farmers who produce some of the world's finest coffee on the upper inhabited slopes of Kilimanjaro. You will be guided by local small-scale farmers to a nearby small holding coffee farm to take part in the whole process of picking, drying, and roasting your own cup of coffee. Finish off with a delicious wholesome traditional Chagga lunch in the lush scenery, prepared by women from the community.



After lunch, you will be driven for approximately ½ an hour to 45 mins to the nearby Materuni village, situated on the edge of Kilimanjaro National Park. Register at the village office and start your adventure. Walk over 40 mins through sloped terrain to Materuni Waterfalls, which is more than 262 ft/80m high. Dip into the natural pool for a refreshing swim in the cold waters of Kilimanjaro. Your local guide will explain the surrounding flora and fauna and how local fruits like avocados, lemons, and bananas grow. You will find out more about the local history, traditions, village economy, agricultural and cultural life.

08h00 Depart from Moshi to Tarangire National Park. Drive straight to your lodge for lunch. The afternoon is spent on a game drive in the park. Tarangire is famous for its population of elephants, one of the largest in all of Tanzania, and its majestic scattering of characteristic baobab trees and dottings of giant termite mounds. Throughout the dry season, thirsty antelope, and elephants trek hundreds of miles to drink at the Tarangire River (June to November). Also, home to more than 550 bird species, the park will excite any bird enthusiast.


Pamper yourself with the comfort of a refreshing sundowner drink in hand, as your ranger and spotter set up a vantage point from which to watch darkness fall, whilst listening to the night sounds of the national park.


Finish the day off with a traditional outside dinner under the stars. Relax under the natural canopy of an acacia tree. Nothing is quite so essentially safari as this. A real Out of Africa experience.

06h00 Head out for a sunrise game drive with some bitings and hot drinks, enjoying the early morning activity in the park. This is when you get a chance to see many of the animals, especially predators, active whilst it is cool and before the heat sets in and animals seek shade in the bushes.


Return to the camp for a hot breakfast and head back out for a game drive afterwards. Explore Tarangire National Park with a full day of game driving, with the option of either having a picnic lunch at one of the park’s lovely picnic sites or returning to the camp for a hot lunch.


Return to camp for an early dinner, after which you will enjoy an adventurous night game in the park, accompanied by an armed ranger, specialist guide and a tracker in an open vehicle. Though the sun may have set, Tarangire is still not asleep. This is a thrilling sensory experience where you discover the nocturnal wildlife of the national park, including jackals, civets, porcupines and hippos. Tune in to night sounds and movements of the park, whilst you enjoy stargazing. You will also get to enjoy the shadows of the baobabs under the starry night sky, whilst viewing the nocturnal activities of elephants and if lucky, lions too!

After a more leisurely breakfast, take an on route game drive in Tarangire National Park as you exit the park and transfer to the town of Mto Wa Mbu, literally meaning River of Mosquito, located adjacent to Lake Manyara National Park.


Immerse yourself in the culture of Mto Wa Mbu, which is home to some of the different people of Tanzania, notably the Mbugwe, Iraqw, Gorowa, Irangi, Chagga and Maasai. One can see many of the different peoples of Tanzania living alongside each other. A local guide from the Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Program will walk the travelers through the backstreets of the town. Each day is different and they will get an understanding of the daily lives of people living around this area. There will also be opportunities to see local handicrafts being made and to buy crafts and art directly from the artisans.


You may visit a Chagga family who grows bananas and brews banana beer, or a farmer from Kigoma who makes palm oil presses. Alternatively a walk towards the Papyrus Lake brings encounters with the Rangi people who collect materials from the lake to make baskets and mats. On the way you may meet rice farming and visit Sandawe families who still make traditional bows and arrows for hunting. The Makonde family of artists, originating all the way from Mozambique, will demonstrate their skills in carving wood, which are passed down generations in a family.


Finish this experience with a satisfying hearty Tanzanian meal by a group of local women, prepared and cooked with local and indigenous vegetables and spices, using traditional methods.


Afternoon visit to African Galleria in Mto wa Mbu. This is where you find a collection of contemporary and traditional African art and cultural artifacts in one place that you can admire or purchase. The gallery is home to a variety of great, rare and precious gemstones, all legally sourced from different parts of the African continent. Alternatively, you can opt to head straight to the lodge for some rest and relaxation.


Today’s dinner and overnight stay is at the beautiful and Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, located inside Lake Manyara National Park.


NOTE: During the Mto Wa Mbu Cultural immersion, carry some money with you as there will be opportunities to purchase locally produced handicrafts and art directly from artisans and artists at negotiable prices rather than from tourist establishments

After an early breakfast, head out for a 3-hour early morning walk inside Lake Manyara National Park, in the company of an armed ranger and a walking guide, is a great opportunity to experience game viewing outside of a safari vehicle whilst being active. You will watch animals from a distance, including birds, monkeys, a variety of animals, hippos in the lake, possibly elephants, and occasionally predators. The walk offers more than game viewing; you will learn about animal tracking through understanding different footprints, animal dung and other such signs.


Return to lodge for lunch and afternoon relaxation.


Early evening, visit a Maasai Boma near Mto Wa Mbu and learn about Maasai culture and way of life from the boma residents. Understand the challenges they face in practicing their traditions in this modern world and how they balance both worlds. You will find out how the Maasai clan and homesteads are set up. At the boma you can see how Maasai raise their livestock, cook, do beadwork, all whilst supporting the boma through your visit. Try your dab hand at spear throwing and fire-making whilst enjoying a traditionally roasted goat BBQ snack. he ceremony ends with the roasting of the meat, which is then shared amongst the group.


Return to and Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge for dinner and a second night overnight stay.

Early breakfast, check out and head to Mto wa Mbu for an easy bike ride from Mto wa Mbu village to the shores of Lake Manyara. On route, you are likely to spot wildlife such as monkeys, zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes. Cycle back to Mto wa Mbu.


Drive to the highlands of Karatu and visit Fame Hospital. Find out about the inspirational story of the founders and what they have achieved. This is a very moving experience visit and a great opportunity to learn about the founders’ passion for provision of quality healthcare in Tanzania.


Head to the historic and famous luxury lodge, Gibbs Farm for lunch, famous for its fresh and organic farm to table lunches, with ingredients straight from its shamba (vegetable garden). Enjoy the afternoon exploring this working farm, checking out their organic shamba. Finish off by enjoying a cup of afternoon coffee from their own farm


ADDITIONAL EXTRA OPTION: Elephant Cave Walk: After lunch, head for a 3 hour guided nature walk to the Elephant Cave, accompanied by an armed ranger. Starting from a track in Karatu town, hike through Ngorongoro rainforest, a corridor for animals between Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. Walk through the untouched forest enjoying its wild nature and abundant bird life, discovering its hidden waterfalls. Visit the Elephant Caves where for centuries the elephants have dug into the hills for necessary minerals and vitamins for their daily diet. If you are lucky, you may see elephants in the vicinity.


Late afternoon, enter into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Not only is the Conservation Area a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also considered one of the natural wonders of the world. It is unique in that it allows well over 40,000 Maasai pastoralists with their cattle, goats and sheep to live alongside the abundant wildlife in a natural setting. The conservation area gives you a rare insight into how people lived connected with nature and wildlife in ancient times all over the world.


Head straight to the luxurious Entamanu Ngorongoro Camp, where you can relax and pamper yourself with a 60 min massage and enjoy your surroundings. Dinner and overnight stay here.


Before dinner, drive to the perfect sundowner spot where you will have spectacular views of both the Serengeti Plains and the Crater rim itself. Pamper yourself with the blissful comfort of a sundowner drink in hand as your ranger and spotter set up a vantage point from which to watch darkness fall. This is a private sundowner with Maasai dancers.

Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater for a 6 hour game drive with either a special cookout bush breakfast or lunch in the Crater (Minimum 4 pax), enjoying a delicious meal prepared by a private chef whilst admiring and taking in the immense crater formation. Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest caldera measuring 600m/1968ft in depth and covering 250 sq km/ 96.5 sq mi in area. It is a spectacular setting and contains an abundance of wildlife with over 20,000 large animals including Tanzania’s remaining critically endangered black rhino. There is a good chance of seeing the Big Five in this vast natural enclosure.


Depending on when you descended into the crater, ascend back to the crater rim mid to late afternoon. Before heading back to enjoy the Camp, Take a 2 hour walk along the Ngorongoro Crater rim, accompanied by an armed ranger. Enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the Ngorongoro Highlands, notably the variety of birdlife in this ecosystem as well as larger animals such as giraffes, zebras, bushbuck and the occasional elephant or buffalo. This is a great opportunity to learn about the traditional medicinal uses of various plants, as well as spot animal tracks and dung. This walk offers spectacular panoramic views down into the Crater that you can enjoy on your own in peace and calmness.


Drive back to Entamanu Ngorongoro Camp for dinner and a second overnight stay.


ALTERNATIVE LUNCH OPTION: For an easier, more relaxed option for the day, finish your morning crater tour with a delicious lunch on the crater rim, overlooking the vast Ngorongoro Crater. This will be ready for you for your return from your morning game drive in the crater. Then after your long and lazy lunch, you can gently stroll back into camp for a well-earned rest.

Today’s adventure begins with exploring the volcanic geographical features, as well as the flora and fauna of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Drive to the northern end of the Ngorongoro Crater from where Mount Lolmalasin, Tanzania's third tallest mountain, can be viewed. Picturesque raw and lonesome landscapes emerge as you pass through the eastern highlands, which stretch from Olmoti Crater to the highlands. Olmoti, meaning cooking pot in Maa, the Maasai’s language, is about 6.5 km/4 mi in diameter, and its highest point above sea level is approximately 3,080m/10,100ft. This crater is a sunken caldera formed over 10 million years ago.


Olmoti Crater Trek: Descent/ascent - Approximately 2 hrs round trip

Start your hike from the ranger post at Nainokanoka, where with an armed ranger you will hike along a 30 minute path to the crater rim of this hidden gem. A pleasant walk through the forest, where you can spot birds, butterflies and the occasional wild animal, leads to the crater rim. At the top of the crater rim, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the crater below and of the region in general.


Hike into the crater. Covered in grass and bisected by a river valley, this shallow crater is very pretty, and offers good grazing to the local Maasai cattle and various wild animals throughout the year. Enjoy the glimpse of the Munge Waterfall, which pours out of the crater from the Munge River that ultimately drains into the Ngorongoro Crater. Olmoti Crater is covered by water streams, varieties of plants and animal species. The lush surroundings and water source in the crater attract a number of grazing animals, notably buffalo, eland and antelope, waterbuck and sometimes elephants.


Ascend back and drive to Central Serengeti entering the park through Naabi Hill Gate, where you can stop for a picnic lunch before proceeding into Serengeti National Park. This is not a transfer, it is a game drive in its own right and seeing the plains of the Serengeti for the first time is an unforgettable moment.


Serengeti, or Seringit in Maa, meaning ‘endless plains’, is one of the oldest ecosystems on earth. The essential features have changed little in a million years; Serengeti’s famous plains are interspersed with wooded hills, towering termite mounds, rocky kopjes and rivers lined with acacia trees.


Late afternoon head to your Lodge for check in. Early evening you will be driven to the sundowner spot. Sundowners are more than just a happy hour. They are a cherished tradition in the bush and forms an integral part of your safari experience. It is a time to relax, reminisce of the day and enjoy a few drinks as the sun sets.


Head back to Lemala Nanyukie Lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

06h00, head out for an early morning game drive, an opportunity to see many of the animals, especially predators, active whilst it is cool and before the heat of the day sets in and animals seek shade. Return to the lodge for breakfast before proceeding with more game driving.


Discover Serengeti National Park with a full day of game viewing, with a picnic lunch on route. The Serengeti National Park was established in 1952, however, the Serengeti ecosystem is far older and greater than the park. The ecosystem reaches over 30,000sq km/12,000sq mi and was previously inhabited by the Maasai. This is home to the famous annual migration of more than a million wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of zebras, and all kinds of antelopes following the rains undertaking their long journey to new grazing grounds. Also be on the lookout for lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas.


Late afternoon, return to Lemala Nanyukie Lodge for dinner and overnight stay for a second night



Hot air balloon ride across the Serengeti Plains. Leaving around 05hr00, head to the launch site of the hot air balloon, a good opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the elusive nocturnal inhabitants of Serengeti. As dawn breaks, the spectacular hot air balloon adventure starts. This is a once in a lifetime magical experience of viewing the animals and the vast landscape of the Serengeti plains from a different perspective. Each journey is different and will be dictated by the direction of the wind. Once you return safely to ground, enjoy a well-deserved glass of bubbly, then drive to a special breakfast spot where you will be treated to an exceptional bush breakfast.


3 hour walking safari. You will be guided through the bush for an up-close and personal experience with wildlife and nature as you immerse yourself in the Serengeti wilderness. Each walking safari is tailored to the group’s ambitions but ensures to give you a different adventure in the park far away from the hustle of safari vehicles and tourists, awakening your senses like no other. Guided by qualified and expert guides with years of experience as well as an Armed Ranger, you are in safe hands to experience life on the ground in the Eastern Serengeti.


Rhino Tracking. This is a rare and special activity that is only available on special request. Start with a short briefing on how to behave in the field, including how to turn off geo-tagging on phones and cameras in order to ‘hide’ the rhino locations, head out with Park Rangers to track rhino in the park. With the Rangers’ experience and intimate knowledge of these shy and rare creatures you will learn to approach them with minimal disturbance to and impact on their natural behaviour. This is a privileged experience as you will be enriched by the knowledge and experience of the Rangers who have the remit of escorting the rhinos on a daily basis, as well as the Lemala’s field guides’ scientific insight and knowledge.

Early breakfast, game drive transfer to Seronera Airstrip for your 11h00 flight to Zanzibar due to arrive at 14h25. Upon arrival, meet your transfer driver from Tulia, who will transfer you to Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort on a bed & breakfast basis, where you will spend the next 3 nights exploring the white sandy beaches and unique culture of Zanzibar.


NOTE: The internal flight only allows 15 kgs of luggage per passenger (including hand luggage and camera equipment etc). Anything extra will be charged at US $ 60 per 10 kg slab. They also request that passengers bring soft duffel bags rather than hard case suitcases.

Early breakfast, you will be transferred to Stone town for a half day visit to Mama’s of Zanzibar. These are a group of passionate Zanzibari women eager to share their rich culture in-heritage and delicious dishes with you. You will get hands-on training from their homes.This experience will show you the real community lifestyle of the Spice Island; the colorful, joyful, and tasteful side of Zanzibar that will create beautiful memories to carry back home.


In the afternoon, you will have a chance to explore Stone town with a guide. Drive back to Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort for an overnight stay.

After breakfast, depending on your international flight departure time, you will be transferred to Zanzibar Airport for your onward journey.


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