Pantanal Jaguar & Atlantic Rainforest

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Pantanal Jaguar & Atlantic Rainforest

Our  tour starts in Rio de Janeiro, where we are including a mix of unique and unforgettable experiences! Including visiting the Silva Jardim region to to see the Golden Lion Tamarin.  We have  a cultural fascinating experience at Favela Morro da Babilônia, where we learn first hand  about the history  of Rio’s favelas. In addition to the iconic sites in Rio: Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer) and Sugarloaf, from where we can walk up to Morro da Urca along a trail in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, adding a very special walk to our day.

From there we continue to Iguaçu Falls, where we'll visit the Brazilian and Argentinian side of the Falls. On the Argentinian side, we are also including the Gran Aventura: A Tour by Boat that goes thrillingly close to the falls!

Our trip continues to North Pantanal, with Araras Lodge: a simple but really nice option that our clients love, since they offer a wonderful quality of service and attention to details. We are also including one full day Tour just for Jaguar Observation! This way we can combine a typical Pantanal experience with wildlife observation and also increase the chances to spot jaguars. The Jaguar season goes from late July to early September

Paraty, a historical city that is surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest! Optional hike to Pico do Mamanguá, with beautiful landscape views of the coast . There’re opportunities to  Kayak tour through the calm waters of the Paraty Bay and that reaches a preserved mangrove area. After that, an historical walking tour to give us all the details of this incredible city.

Ilha Grande. This is a preserved Island with no cars, where you can  simply enjoy the beach and relax, or do more activities such as boat tours & Hikings.

Price £5,790 / $6,950

Price based on 2 pax.

Excludes international and domestic flights.


Tailormade Departures


Day by Day

Private transfer from the airport to the hotel in Rio de Janeiro with driver guide (approx 17km - 30 min) Overnight at the Windsor Leme hotel in a standard room with breakfast.

Private round-trip transfer from Rio de Janeiro to Silva Jardim (Associação Mico Leão Dourado)


Accompanying guide for 08 hours in Rio de Janeiro.


Tickets for full day tour On the trail of the Golden Lion Tamarin

Meeting a golden lion tamarin family in the wild is an exciting experience! In this tour, the visitor will have the chance to observe the marmosets and their behavior in the wild together with the researchers of the Golden Lion Tamarin Association. The activity can be carried out inside the park or on a partner property, according to technical planning.

l be transferred from the bus station to hotel.

Favela Tour at Morro da Babilônia

We will start our tour to Morro da Babilônia, which is located between the neighborhoods of Leme, Copacabana, Botafogo and Urca, and therefore has spectacular views of the beaches of Leme and Copacabana, Praia Vermelha da Urca and Pão de Açúcar, in addition to the cove of Botafogo and Corcovado with Christ the Redeemer. Accompanied by a guide from the community itself, we will learn more about the way of life and the structure of the Favelas, as well as the daily lives of its residents and the political and social aspects behind the development of the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. By taking this tour, you will be making a donation to the Morro da Babilônia Residents' Cooperative, which is responsible for reforesting the area and for other social actions in the community


Iconic Rio: Corcovado & Sugarloaf (with hike to Morro da Urca) (Private)

From Babilônia we'll continue our adventure. Set off on a private guided tour to the most emblematic postcards of Rio! We will embark on a 30-minute tram ride uphill to the top of Corcovado Mountain. The summit offers the best views of the entire city and features the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, with its wide open arms. After a stop for lunch (not included), we will head to the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. From its base, on Praia Vermelha beach, we will take a 40 minute trail which winds up the hill through lush forest. We will make a stop at a lookout point that offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Rio’s surrounding mountains. With a bit of luck we will come across some of the area’s monkeys and birds. The hike ends on top of Morro da Urca (220m), an excellent spot to take pictures. From there we take the cable-car lift to the Sugarloaf hill summit (396m), where we enjoy unparalleled 360-degree views of the surrounding areas and a unique sunset.

Private transfer from hotel to the airport in Rio de Janeiro.


Private transfer from IGU Airport to Foz do Iguaçu and Brazilian Falls tour afterwards with driver-guide.


Brazilian Falls

Get ready for THE most stunning panoramic views of the greatest water spectacle in the world. The 275 falls of the Iguassu River spread out into a 2,700 meter[1]semicircle - approximately 800 meters in the Brazilian side, and 1,900 meters in the Argentinean side - right in front of you very eyes! You will have the chance to almost walk into the most famous fall in the park, the Devil’s Throat, and feel the colossal power and deafening intensity of this natural wonder. Upon arriving at the park, there will be a short bus ride to the beginning of the trail, during which you can start to admire the beauty of the largest remaining stretch of Atlantic Forest in Southern Brazil. It is home to a rich biodiversity, consisting of representative species of the Brazilian fauna and flora, that includes the jaguar, broad-snouted caiman, purple parrot, harpy eagle, peroba pink ariticum, araucaria, and many others. The walkway is 1,200 meters long and offers several lookout points for a closer view of some of the falls. There is a variety of angles and possibilities for photographers to capture the Brazilian falls with some of the Argentina-side falls in the background. At the end of the over-water boardwalk is stunning panoramic of the Devil’s Throat from just downstream. We recommend you make this tour in the morning (the park opens at 09am), but in case you prefer in the afternoon, or if your flight arrives during the day, you can enter the park until 3 p.m., as it closes at 4 p.m. And if you have the time, be sure to check out the Bird Park, for an incredible fauna experience, right next to the falls.

Duration: approx. 3 hrs

What to wear: comfortable clothing, closed shoes, sunglasses, hat, repellent and sunscreen.

After the Tour we'll continue in a private transfer with a driver guide from Foz do Iguaçu to your Hotel in Puerto Iguazu.

Driver guide (English) for Tour Cataratas Argentinas combined with Gran Aventura or La Aripuca.


Argentinean Falls

Such is the greatness of the Iguazu Falls that they spread across natural parks of two different nations! On the Argentine national park, we will board an ecological train that take us on a beautiful ride to the beginning of three different circuits. The lower circuit (2,800m round-trip) invites you into the jungle, on an immersive walk that offers close contact with the splendorous falls - be prepared to get wet! The upper circuit (3,400m round-trip) offers amazing panoramic views of the upper Iguazu River along its flat pathways. The Argentine side experience is more rustic and immersive than the Brazilian side, with its varied and exuberant trails. Duration: approx. 5 hrs. in the park (+ approx. 2 hrs. of round-trip transfers) What to wear: comfortable clothing, closed shoes, sunglasses, hat, repellent and sunscreen.


Safari Boat La Gran Aventura (Regular)

“La Gran Aventura” combines the very essence of Iguazu National Park in a single adventure: the jungle and the waterfalls. First, we hop on special trucks and take the Yacaratiá trail into the jungle, on the Argentinean side. Bilingual guides will introduce us to the local natural and cultural aspects. The 5 km ride ends at Puerto Macuco, where we head for the docks and board a powerboat. The boat takes an arcing route around the island towards the Brazilian side, powering through the rapids that provide jumps and lurches to get your body tingling. Wearing swimsuits is strongly advised. All of a sudden we are heading toward the Garganta del Diablo, as waterfalls crash either side and drown out the screams of excitement from the people around you. The boat then heads towards the cascades on the side of Isla San Martin. Suddenly you are blinded by spray as you are driven right below the deafening wall of water. Stretch your arms out and embrace this extraordinary contact with Iguazu falls. The boat will take us around for another wet rollercoaster into the fray on the other side of Isla San Martin and drop us off either at the same station or further down the river to continue the Gran Aventura with a jungle ride back to where we started.

Duration: approx. 2 hrs

What to wear and bring: light clothes, extra clothes (to change after it ends) and small towel, sunscreen, repellent.

Private transfer-out from Puerto Iguazu to IGU Airport with driver-guide


Pick-up at Cuiabá Airport or at the hotel in Cuiabá to start our journey to Araras Lodge. This route is made in a Private transfer to the Pantanal.

The transfer goes through a section of the scenic Transpantaneira Park Road. While crossing the area it is possible to spot lovely sights of the local flora & fauna.

Arrival at Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge, with a welcome drink and accommodation. We will meet our bilingual guide for our first activity: A late afternoon hike within the surroundings of the lodge, reaching the Mirante da Garça, a 12 m / 39.5 ft. high observation tower that offers an unequaled view of the sunset.


After dinner, a stargazing trek, to the sounds of the Pantanal.


After breakfast, we head to Rio Clarinho river. We go on a rowboat ride on Rio Clarinho, exploring the banks of riparian forest and mangroves. In this place we may spott different species of otters and, with luck, they can be seen playing. It is possible to go piranha fishing, a fun and challenging activity, as they have the ability to steal the bait from the hook, away from the eyes of the fisherman.


A barbecue style lunch will be prepared at the campsite by the river. Depending on the weather, the boat tour may take place at another location and the schedule may change. After a pleasant rest in hammocks, set up at the campsite, we return to the pousada. We end this fun-packed day with a walk to the Torre do Bugio, our tallest observation tower - 25 m high - that offers a spectacular view of the Pantanal plains. After dinner, we hop onto a safari truck, in search of nocturnal animals.

Jaguar Express (regular tour)

The JAGUAR EXPRESS is a 14-hour tour to search for jaguars and other wildlife along the Cuiaba River banks and within the Meeting of the Waters State Park, 112 km south of Araras Eco-Lodge. It is combined with a 4-night minimum package at the lodge.

Right after breakfast, we will explore another of the pousada’s areas, walking along the Ronco Trail that will take us to one of our stud farms. We’ll return on a Safari truck and have lunch at the Pousada. After the afternoon tea, we’ll go on a photo safari of 2 to 3 hours, in a specially equipped truck, in search of animal life along the Transpantaneira Park Road. After dinner you’ll have the opportunity to talk to your guide about the list of animals spotted during the safari.

We go for a walk at dawn to enjoy the awakening of this incredible ecosystem. Breakfast and departure to Cuiabá at 7:30 am or 12:30 pm, depending on your flight time. We will make stops along the Transpantaneira Road for pictures. For alternative transfer-out times, please ask us about private transfers.


Private transfer from São Paulo to Paraty (approx 268 km - 04 hrs).

Hike to Mamanguá Peak (private)

Hike the Mamanguá Sugarloaf Peak for the best panoramic views of the region. The Saco do Mamanguá, Brazil’s only tropical fjord, is a unique marine ecosystem and tropical paradise located on the nearby Joatinga Ecological Reserve. On this small-group full-day tour, you set out from Paraty by bus to Paraty Mirim to catch a boat into the fjord. The hike up the Mamanguá Sugarloaf Peak (425m) is intense and offers incredible views of the bays and rainforest covered mountainsides. On the way back, we stop at a lovely sandy beach to swim, relax and cool off after the hike. We also recommend you try the delicious fresh fish with rice, beans and salad at our favourite beach kiosk. This is a great day out for people looking to get off the beaten track and enjoy the best views!

Duration: 7 hrs.

Level of difficulty: medium (walking time: 2.5 to 3 hours with breaks).

Private transfer from Paraty to Ilha Grande (via Angra dos Reis) by vehicle + speedboat (Approx. 2h30). Arriving in Ilha Grande a bilingual guide will be waiting for you and you'll walk to your Hotel.

Lopes Mendes Boat Transfer (regular)

We will board a boat at Vila Abraão pier to Mangues beach, from where we will hike for about 20 to 30 minutes until Lopes Mendes Beach. Those hungering for more adventure can take yet another hiking trail, for 20 minutes, to the beautiful and secluded Santo Antonio Beach. In the meantime, those staying in Lopes Mendes will enjoy its fine white sand, crystal clear waters and just the right amount of waves, that please both ocasional swimmers and experienced surfers. The beach is 2,4 km long, with a small creek that runs into the ocean at one of its ends, in addition to a small chapel and a mosaic on a large buoy that broke loose a ship created by the artist Silvio Cavalheiro. Make sure you bring some water, since there are no kiosks there - but there’s one at Pouso Beach, our next stop, where you can have a snack and a refreshing drink.

Duration: approx. 6 hrs.

Two Rivers hike (private)

Ilha Grande is not only known for its beaches (including the superb Lopes Mendes beach), but also and above all for the countless hiking possibilities it offers. It's a hike that requires stamina. We'll follow the T14 trail through the Atlantic Rainforest, with traces of the road made by ex-prisoners from the former Cândido Mendes penal colony, which is located in the village of Dois Rios, named after two streams that flow into each other at each corner of the beach, with very transparent waters that have a yellowish color from a biological process. Here we will have free time to enjoy a beautiful, flat beach with clear waters. But the main attraction is the ruins of the extinct prison, one part of which is now used by UERJ for university studies and the other is the Ecomuseum where we can learn more about the history of this famous prison.Distance: 14km round trip.

Difficulty level: Difficult.

Altitude difference: +320m / -320m

Duration: approx. 6 hours

Private transfer from Ilha Grande to Rio de Janeiro via Conceição de Jacareí (regular speedboat and private vehicle). At the appropriate time, you should go to the Abraão pier for boarding. 20 minutes by speedboat and 2 hours by private vehicle (128km). Arrival at Rio de Janeiro's airport and end of expedition


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