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The Ultimate adventure

We have all wondered- what if? What if I were marooned on a desert island how would I survive? This spectacular experience not only allows you the time to develop survival skills but also gives you a golden opportunity to put them into practice. Picture a utopian paradise and you’ve probably imagined something like the 120 Acre crescent-shaped island in the north of Palawan is known as the jewel of Busuanga’s bay. This deserted island boasts an expansive crescent shaped 1200 meter white sand beach fringed by crystal clear waters, and a lush tropical interior of palm and an array of seasonal fruit trees. The remainder of the island has hilly elevations with several other hidden beaches and coves. This island is an outlier, set apart from most of the other islands of the archipelago.

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Day by Day

Early this morning you will fly to Isla Coron. Upon touch down we head to The Funny Lion Hotel on the outskirts of Coron town with a beautiful outdoor pool and rooftop bar with breathtaking sunset views across Coron Bay.After a quick freshen up we head off and explore the island. That evening castaways will be allocated their kit for the island adventure and pay close attention to the expedition safety briefing before dinner and an early night. Tomorrow is a big day.

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we jump on our speedboats to your new island home. As you approach this untouched wilderness and pull up on the shore the reality of your adventure begins to set in. Upon arrival we take a stroll along the expansive beach to explore our new home and choose the location for our camp.


After selecting a couple of palm trees, between which to string your expedition hammocks, we get to work on building our shelter. This will be our home, where bonds are forged, fire is made, food is cooked and hearts are opened. There’ll be just enough time for a sunset swim, before we eat. Belly filled, we’ll be passing around a bottle of rum before heading to your hammock where you’ll make it about 2 pages into your kindle before drifting off to the sound of rustling palms and lapping waves.

Typically, everyone on the island quickly reconnects with their circadian rhythm and rises a little after sunrise. After a relaxed breakfast we spend the morning learning the most quintessential primitive skill, how to make fire by friction. After the easiest method of fire by flint, you will graduate to whittling your own bow drill set before we teach you hand drill and the bamboo fire saw. We will spend the afternoon catching our supper off the beach. Then we gather around the fire to feast on Thai fish curry made in a bamboo cooking pot with fresh coconut milk.

Today is all about how you are going to eat. We will look at all the different techniques one can use to find food on a desert island; Including what fruits and plants are safe to eat, how to get into a coconut and where to find shellfish. The ocean is our larder and primary source of nutrition. You’ll work together to make a primitive hand-line, catch, prepare and cook fish. Although you won’t be blessed with a speargun during the survival phase, you can also try your hand at spearing dinner for the team. Learn how to duck dive, how to hold your breath for longer, and how to hunt underwater.


After food training, we will hopefully have plenty of delicious fish. This evening, we will roll them in spices and wrap them in leaves tied off with hibiscus cordage. This traditional cooking technique allows us to cook them directly on the fire embers and stay nice and moist. Served with a side of Asian rice and roasted vegetables, you’ll begin to have a deeper appreciation of food and flavour. To finish the day we will open some green coconuts, harvested from palms on the island, and have fresh pina-coladas. Preparing you nicely for an evening of tribal-fancy-dress and beach games.

Life on the island slows down. Disconnecting from wifi and phone, you will find yourself thinking about the outside world less and less. Don’t worry about not getting space for yourself. Everyday from 12- 2pm is your time; for a siesta in your hammock, reading a book or throwing a frisbee. Tonight we prepare, cook and eat as a tribe. A bottle of rum and some roasted marshmallows see us off to bed.

On the final day of training, we undertake an expedition across the island, trekking through jungle, around rocky headlands and through mangrove swamps in search of resources that might help you during your final 3 days survival phase. Mango’s, coconuts and shell fish are all welcome finds. With each day and each new skill you will grow in confidence for surviving your final 3 days. That evening we’ll talk about the psychology of survival and you’ll get yourself mentally prepared for the real test to begin.

This is it, the fire is out, the instructors are gone; it’s just you and your fellow Castaways, alone in this picturesque tropical wilderness. You are left with limited equipment and have to work together. Now is time to put into practice your new found skills and apply your ingenuity to survive. What is your greatest priority? Do you build your shelter first, or start a fire? During the first day the reality of survival sinks in, new highs and lows are encountered. During these days; hunger, thirst, and discomfort are offset by the euphoria of success starting a fire or finding food. Will you survive, or thrive?

Nothing will ever look quite so good as our rescue boats arriving at 9am, laden with ice cold drinks and fruit. We’ll bank onto the beach right outside Busuanga Bay Lodge. You and your fellow castaways will enjoy one of the best showers of your life, before enjoying a huge champagne breakfast. Castaways spend the afternoon reconnecting with loved ones, putting off looking at their emails, just a little longer and probably more showers. That night we head out for a survival party at an amazing restaurant where you will eat your heart out.

Sporting a fine suntan and a tremendous sense of achievement, you will depart home with enough tales to woo at any dinner party.

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